AutoBLOC – It is designed to become the “New Necessity of the 21st Century”. It is conceived to become the “Next Big Thing” after Henry Ford revolutionized the Transportation Industry and Steve Jobs with the Computer, Entertainment, and Communication Industry.

In the 19th Century, people mostly travel through Horse-drawn Carriage. Until some visionary people dreamt of revolutionizing man’s transportation by introducing a Horse-less Carriage, now known to all as the “Automobile”. Since then, people were able to get out from their homes and travelled as far as they could to explore the wide World. This exploration created a new way of living for mankind that soon catapulted the epoch of the Industrial Revolution. But we all know that this also brought a massive repercussion to Mother Earth – Climate Change or Global Warming.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, Computers were at least as big as a room - until again some visionary bunch of people dreamt of making the Computer compact yet powerful, thus the emergence of the Personal Computers (PC).

As an aftermath of the PC Revolution, Nanotechnology became the inevitable evolution. Widgets and Gadgets or smaller Compact Machines were massively invented like the ubiquitous Mobile Phones or Cellular Phones (CP).

Like the Automobile, the PC and the CP changed the lifestyle of the human being - most especially upon the unpredicted surfacing of the Internet. These revolutionary breakthroughs made our present world relatively “flat”. People now can simultaneously work, manage, buy, sell, earn, learn, study, transact, socialize, etc., and at the same time live within the comfort of their homes without the need to physically go abroad or to travel far away elsewhere. In other words, humanity can now live in a “virtual” world…

This is just “the new way of living”; now, and in the years to come.

AutoBLOC: “The New Necessity of the 21st Century” 


The AutoBLOC relates to a new kind of machine or an automaton, and in particular, an automaton bloc which is a device for humankind to live a green and sustainable healthy and wealthy lifestyle. More particularly, a compact machine which is living autonomously or alive through renewable resources such as solar and wind that supply power to its digitized brain or computer and various internal systems; a machine which is lean or made up of materials like prefab which are produced using optimum manufacturing method or systems like Lean or Six Sigma for Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery to ensure production efficiency in every aspect; a machine which is green or having eco, environment, or earth-friendly characteristics such as low in energy consumption, low in carbon dioxide emission, low in carbon footprint and considers the global goal of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in every characteristic; a machine which is a means for its users or owners to have means opportunities such as earnings or income, resources or revenues, or a way to create not liabilities but assets thru the inherent benefits of “means making” of the machine; and last but not the least, a machine that'll embody a truly integrated rendition of the Computer World’s Digital Hub, accommodating the Social Layer, the Game Layer, the Dream Layer, etc.,  on top of the World!

AutoBLOC [patent-applied: 1-2009-000291] is a Technology Product of the BLOC Revolution

>BLOC Mission: "BLOC in every Block!" [BLOC in every Community Block in the World!]
Vision: "Homeless No More!"
[Eradicate the Global Housing Backlog w/in the 21st Century!]
"To co-create Divine Dream Dwellings among Mankind." -Revelation 21:3
Mantra"We Make All Things New!" - Revelation 21:5


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