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 AutoBLOC - Triple Bottom Line

Planet - Environmental

Primarily, the house of the future responds with a deep sense of concern to environmental issues. For the most part, our quest towards revolutionizing man’s shelter has led us to destroy our natural habitat. The conventional construction of a dwelling demands too much unreasonable requirements such as temporary facilities, formworks and scaffoldings, to name a few. In the end, most of these may not be reused. The AutoBLOC requires less of these but gives out a greater deal of value for You.

The AutoBLOC takes to principle the precision of its parts and components dimensions. Therefore, plans and designs are much easier to layout on CAD, saving not only electricity but also precious time. An architect can then focus more on other matters such as the BLOC’s proper sun and wind orientation, the positioning of components and modular panels to enjoy passive cooling, the integration of green building materials, and those configurations suited not only to your exact needs and wants but also to the weather condition in your region. Such consideration will give you a home that instantly adapts to the disruptive changing climate.

The AutoBLOC centers on the principle of sustainable design that is purpose–driven. The BLOC’s componentized Plug & Play System says it all. This allows you to build your home without cutting a single tree (supporting the government’s Total Log Ban program), without powering a single heavy equipment nor vehicle, without erecting a scaffolding, without even buying a new lot.

What then will be needed?


You can do-it-yourself... you and your desire to actively participate in championing a cause towards a sustainable future for the next generation. This System alone lessens carbon footprints and carbon dioxide emissions, reduces noise and air pollutions, and eliminates wastes, all at the same time. Just imagine if all homes will be built effectively and massively this way. You do not only save Mother Earth, you also saved your precious time and treasure. The envisioned AutoBLOC could be built within just 40hours, using simple tools and rudimentary skills or less labor. Not only has the construction allowed for savings, it also allows you to resell your components when the time comes for you to upgrade. It adapts to any size which allows it to fit easily into your front or back yard. Also, its adaptability to any contour lessens the need to sacrifice fertile plains for land development because it can adapt to a sloping site or terrain. All of these are anchored on the premise of not just revolutionizing but introducing a whole new industry that is foremostly, sensitive to environmental issues.

The AutoBLOC’s Smart Grid System allows it to generate its own green power through renewable energies. Primarily, its main source of green electricity is solar energy. It is however not only solar reliant. Other sources are wind turbine, sea wave generators, scalar energy devices, and more. If all else are not available, it has a built-in generator powered by bio-fuels such as ethanol gas and biodiesel. The excess power derived from this System may be used to power your car’s batteries, or even better, depending on the type of car, (like for example TESLA Roadster) this may even power your car itself, ensuring a future without fossil fuels.

Profit - Economic

Imagine a house that not only shelters you but also feeds you. The AutoBLOC gives you exponential freedom. One facet of that freedom is financial freedom. Mainly, a great deal of savings is derived from its construction. Imagine the amount of money that is usually allotted for skilled laborers, heavy equipment, vehicles, tools and machineries, cement, gravel and sand, formworks and scaffoldings—saved! Why? Because it’s prefabricated... and Prefab is Green!

The Smart Grid System transforms the AutoBLOC into an autonomous power plant; its excess could be stored for future use, or sold to electric corporations, or power your hybrid or electric automobile.

The AutoBLOC’s newnique design allows for urban integration. Generally, it is difficult and costly to do this because cities are congested. The compact design of the cube, the origin of the AutoBLOC, allows it to fit easily in your yard. Build an AutoBLOC in it, have it rented or leased out— earn passive income without flexing a muscle. This may alleviate too the long time problem on illegal squatting. Remodeling your yard has never been so beneficial. This may give people of insufficient means to rent out or even better purchase the basic unit, and from there the AutoBLOC may grow with their financial growth. If that still is not possible, they have the option to buy previously owned components to start their instant house. Others who may want to buy a whole new unit may resell it or donate it. Therefore it is easier for our less fortunate brethren like the apartment dwellers, the homeless poor, to own a home, which in turn will give them instant fulfillment.

People - Social

The AutoBLOC caters to the extraordinary dreams of extraordinary people and fosters the belief that people has extraordinary ideas waiting to be unleashed. Thus the AutoBLOC is also envisioned and designed to be the home of cool Creatives.

The AutoBLOC is pre-designed and pre-engineered to magnify your lifestyle, your whims, and your needs, whatever they may be. It is all about YOU! You are at the center of every AutoBLOC. The AutoBLOC can actually relate to the world for YOU; this parallel to its design principle that you are your own AutoBLOC and the AutoBLOC is YOU. Like we human beings, extremely amazing is that “No two AutoBLOC are the same.” From the very beginning, every detail of the invented (and patent-applied) AutoBLOC is pre-thought, pre-designed, pre-engineered, and pre-fabricated to accommodate every detail of YOU.

In its aim to realize the aforementioned design principle, the AutoBLOC involves YOU – from its conception, to assembly, to its disassembly... The conception is crucial for the development of your very own AutoBLOC, as this is likened to the first trimester of pregnancy. This is where YOU and our architect collaborate to produce a masterpiece. The AutoBLOC takes to principle and painstakingly discuss this process patiently with YOU in order to guarantee your satisfaction and success. This is then reinforced by the adapt-ability of the AutoBLOC that grows with YOU through the different stages of your life. The AutoBLOC is designed to care for YOU from womb to tomb – cradle to grave or even cradle to cradle. Then the assembly fosters yet another collaborative process—this time you and your neighbors, friends or family. It allows you and your neighbors, or your love-ones to swap components and to help each other in building each other’s abodes. You can also share excess electricity with each other. This harness values essential to a peaceful synergistic and sustainable community.

The next collaborative process is you and your Creator. Purchasing the herein introduced AutoBLOC instantly makes you not only an active partner in protecting Mother Earth but also collaborate to address another equally alarming global setback: eradicating homelessness. By the way, the main purpose for the creation of BLOC is to support the Missionaries Of The Homeless (MOTH), Inc. The AutoBLOC endeavors to embody autonomy in the end of promoting it. With its technology, it is easier to teach our less fortunate brethren “to fish” rather than just “giving them fish”. Once that is established, they now can attain a home of their own. These people will then become part of the same advocacy; multiplying the magnitude of the cause, paying it forward. Purchasing an AutoBLOC makes you part of this noble and worthy cause yourself.

An extraordinary feature of the AutoBLOC is its Digital Hub which allows you to maximize creativity. It allows a home to convert into an efficient workplace recommended for cool, creative individuals or teams. The AutoBLOC recognizes that creativity cannot be switched on and off at predetermined times - it's an odd mixture of work and play... writing a book, producing a work of art, and developing new software, requires long periods of intense concentration, punctuated by the need to relax, incubate ideas, and recharge; that is why it is pre-designed to cater to such lifestyle. Adapting to and promoting creativity spells ‘AutoBLOC’. This System allows connectivity in privacy. The design of the AutoBLOC considered that people now can manage their careers as virtual "free-agents", doing projects at will, living virtual lives, come together in on-line communities of like-minded Individuals. You can escape the constraints of geography; escape harsh, dirty and congested cities; and give up long commutes in favor of working from wherever you happen to be. It can connect YOU to your family as it cuts across distance. It is designed to connect YOU to your businesses and to its satellite branches. It connects YOU to today and beyond!

 BLOC - "It's our new game of building dreams!"


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